Who Is Your TV Character Valentine?
Find out who's stealing your heart this Valentine's Day.

What do you want your valentine to give you on the big day?

What do you want your valentine to give you on the big day?

Who Is Your TV Character Valentine?

  1. You got: Lucious Lyon - Empire
    Hope you like your V-Days big, loud and full of crowds, because this year your Valentine is Empire's Lucious Lyon. Be prepared to be serenaded by a musical prodigy in front of an audience of adoring fans before getting whisked away to a private candlelit lobster dinner in his penthouse suite. Hang on - your neck is looking a little bare this evening? Don't worry, he's got a sparkling diamond necklace that'll fit you just right. Dozens of roses, fancy champagne, gold accessories for days...Lucious Lyon certainly knows how to spoil his woman on this romantic holiday. Lucky you.Get the best looks from "Empire", right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/5zPC74
  2. You got: Schmidt - New Girl
    Who's that man over there in a fine-knit cardigan, smelling like the latest Hugo Boss cologne? That's Schmidt, and he's your date this Valentine's Day. A man who appreciates the finer things in life, the only person Schmidt treats better than himself are all the New Girls in his life. Get excited for an evening of romantic tunes, a delicious home-cooked meal and, if you're lucky...only four interruptions from his roommates the entire evening.Get the best looks from "New Girl", right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/znI7Oy
  3. You got: Luke Cage
    Your 2017 Valentine is Luke Cage, the bulletproof Hero of Harlem. Part-time barber, part-time bartender and full-time bad-ass, you'll never feel safer than when this legendary fighter is around. Don't let his impenetrable skin fool you; underneath the considerable muscle, Luke is all heart. So get ready for a relaxing evening of smooth hip-hop beats over a fine steak dinner - but don't worry about getting all dressed up. Luke is more of a casual hoodie & jeans kind of guy.Get the best looks from "Marvel's Luke Cage", right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/vD0XC9
  4. You got: Harvey Specter - Suits
    The jury is in, and this year your Valentine is the smoothest lawyer in New York City: Harvey Specter. Harvey is a man who knows how to take charge and looks good doing it, whether he's pleading his case in the courtroom or enjoying a fine brandy by the fire. Harvey exudes confidence from his impeccable Tom Ford suits to his finely coiffed hair. He's a man who always gets what he wants, and tonight...he wants you. Any objections?Get the best looks from "Suits", right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/2UtQd0
  5. You got: Jon Snow - Game of Thrones
    Do you like your men tall, dark and resurrected? Then we have the perfect guy for you: Jon Snow, the lovable bastard child from Westeros. Jon is a man of considerable passion; whether he's defending a wall from frost giants or brooding silently in the corner, he always puts his full heart into everything he does. A man of the outdoors, prepare for an evening filled with moonlit walks through the woods and fire-side poetry that will make your heart melt. Jon Snow may not know much, but he knows how to do Valentine's Day right.Get the best looks from film & tv, right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/erMxDV
  6. You got: Steve Hale - Fuller House
    Get excited, because this year your Valentine is Steve! ...You know, Steve Hale? From Fuller House? D.J.'s high school sweetheart? Yeah, that guy! Anyway, he's your Valentine. The All-American jock who peaked in High School, Steve is going to treat you to an evening filled with stories of his past high school glory and - if you're lucky - he'll offer you his Varsity Letterman jacket when it gets cold. Just eat fast at dinner, because this guy has quite the appetite and isn't afraid to fight for his meals.Get the best looks from "Fuller House", right here on TheTake: https://goo.gl/hmcAyY


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