Which “Vacation” Character Are You?
Find out who in the new generation "Vacation" family reflects your personality the most!

Which actor/actress would be your partner in crime?

Which actor/actress would be your partner in crime?

Which “Vacation” Character Are You?

  1. You got: Rusty Griswold
    All aboard and ready to go! While you may have been picked on in school back in the day, that's all water under the bridge, especially when you're a natural-born leader in your family. You might use words awkwardly in a way that give others pause, but being cool is overrated... expressing yourself is what is actually cool. While you're not the most intimidating presence, you can unleash the beast and triumph if the duty lands on you!
  2. You got: Debbie Griswold
    Ugh, when will this vacation end?! These days, you are just trying to avoid stress -- especially in regard to your family. Little do people know, you used to have quite the wild side back in the day; drinking to excess and partying without abandon. It may make for an intense confrontation when people remind you who you used to be -- just don't lose sight on who YOU think you are, and nothing can touch you!
  3. You got: Kevin Griswold
    While you might not be the biggest person, you can cause quite a heap of trouble. You know the difference between right and wrong -- you just like to wreak havoc sometimes. You should be wary of pushing people too hard, as doing so will make them want to push back. Going forward, try to occasionally suppress your inner prankster urges, and you'll avoid causing World War III.
  4. You got: Stone Crandall
    You are most likely attractive, and have no trouble charming the opposite sex. Whether you're a rugged outdoorsman or a wild girl, you are more in your element than most when in a rustic setting. If you end as the top dog in the pack, be sure not to tease those weaker than you too often, as they might band together and lead a revolt against you. Just keep smiling and being your cool self, and you have nothing to worry about.


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