Only Complete Brainiacs Can Pass This History Test
Are you a TRUE historian? Take the test and see!

What was the Black Death?

What was the Black Death?

Only Complete Brainiacs Can Pass This History Test

  1. You got: You're Definitely A Brainiac!!
    Great job, Braniac! You are a TRUE historian, and could definitely teach at Oxford or Harvard if you really wanted to. You are fascinated by world history and love learning about the past. If there were ever a trivia pub quiz on world history, people would definitely want you in their team.
  2. You got: You're Definitely A History Teacher!
    Well done Professor! You love history but it is not one of your greatest passions. You have an up to date knowledge on modern history but anything prior to the 15th Century might baffle you. You prefer to focus on the modern world and teach people about the present rather than exploring way back in the past. You would make a fine SAT history professor, do you agree?
  3. You got: You failed!!
    Better luck next time, unfortunately you just flunked this class. You believe that history is in the past and we should look to the future. You do care about the world but your interests and based on current world knowledge and what is happening in the here and now. You didn’t enjoy studying history much at school, and you would rather focus on what we can do to improve the future rather than dwelling on the dingy past, don’t you agree?


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