What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Sugar Water and How It Can Help You
It has been proven that carbohydrates boost athletic performance and maximize endurance. That’s why there are so many energy drinks, bars, and shakes readily available at gyms and sports shops. But what about simple sugar water? This article reveals the surprising effects that sugar water has on our bodies.

Sugar water gives our bodies a quick energy boost.

Sugar water gives our bodies a quick energy boost. © Depositphotos.com

Most people know that having too much sugar in their diet is bad for their health. While it’s true that nutritionists recommend that we get only approximately 10% of our daily calorie intake from sugars, there are times when our bodies demand an immediate energy boost.

  • When we consume sugar water, our bodies absorb the sugar molecules into the bloodstream where they are taken by our cells and converted into energy.
  • Sucrose, the sugar molecule found in most store-bought table sugars, has been found to have a faster absorption rate than other types of sugars.

Research shows that the relatively simple components of sugar water could be a better energy source than store-bought sweetened drinks.


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